Live Music from Polkadelphia


A tuba, trombone, trumpet, and accordion walked into a bar lamenting the lack of fresh approaches in the genre of polka. Two rounds and one passionate conversation later, Polkadelphia was born.


Not your ordinary oompah band, Polkadelphia plays both traditional tunes as well as modern cover songs by artists like Radiohead and the Beatles. Polkadelphia was featured at The Porch at 30th Street Station for their beer garden during Philadelphia's beer week. They have played at various festivals including the Kahn Park Summer Concert Series and the 40th Street Summer Series. Each time, they whipped the audience into a waltzing, polkaing frenzy with their combination of classic polkas and polkafied classics.


Whether rocking out at the local biergarden or strolling through the bustling tents at Oktoberfest, they always bring the haus down.

Back by Popular Request!!